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to the medicine your soul seeks

The inspiration for the Medicine Woman comes from Sunita’s deep connection to healing; whether it is from Spirit, Mother Earth or the Elements. She uses her powerful intuitive ability and gifts to connect to the medicine your soul seeks. Resulting in embodied and transformative growth.

Who is Sunita?

Sunita is practising yogi and also a renowned and gifted Medium, Spiritual Healer, Mindset Coach and Yoga teacher. Sunita, works with individuals worldwide, helping them to find their own inner guidance system and medicine that truly empowers them to break through challenges and live a life aligned to their higher self AND highest values.

Working with the power of the feminine and masculine, she helps facilitate your growth to heal in areas of your life where there have been blocks and trauma using traditional and modern techniques.

Acclaimed for her witty sense of humour, no nonsense attitude and insightful topics of conversation on the world of Spirit, Mediumship, intuition and human behaviour, Sunita is a sought after keynote speaker.

She believes the real gifts of a true mystic appear, when a seeker presents themselves.


Our mindset is connected to the reality we construct for ourselves. Our emotional state contributes to our mental state. Breaking through old patterns, boundaries and comfort zones to realise your potential is something we can all achieve.

The opportunities are limitless. Everything is just a change in your thought process. Empowering you through your growth is one of the most humblest positions to be in.


Our body holds so many memories and trauma as well as innate wisdom. We carry trans-generational trauma but often forget that we equally carry trans-generational wisdom.

There is so much untapped potential for healing within our the physical realm not just in our environment but also our body. Our soul speaks to us all the time. Healing trauma through body work is empowering and another greatest gift you can to yourself.


Working with Spirit not only for communication but for guidance and your spirit is one of Sunita’s greatest loves. Our Soul wisdom can be accessed by everyone, we simply need to listen in the right way.

Working within the realms of the Spirit world, the Spirit body, the elements and the cosmic energy that surrounds us.

She is a teacher of the metaphysical and intuitive arts and has worked with people to help develop their intuition, psychic ability, mediumship, healing and other gifts.

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