Super Full Moon & Retrograde…!

So what’s actually happening when we have a full moon? 
We know there is energy from both the Sun and the Moon. At the time of a full Moon their position is completely opposite each other and creates a kind of resistance. A little bit like when you hold two magnets back to back!
An intense energy is created because our external world (the Sun) and internal world (the Moon) also becomes highlighted and we are pulled to balancing our two worlds. The Moon (Mother) also represents our emotions, intuition, past feelings and hurts. 
The inner spirit and ego / unconscious mind become challenged to be authentic and real as the internal aspects of ourselves are illuminated.
So, unresolved emotions and hurts come up, we feel a little bit edgy and emotional. What happens generally is that people do not take this time monthly to be aware of our psyche’s natural healing cycle. It’s like bin day! Don’t ignore it. 
Imagine every month nature is giving you the opportunity to clear out things and it’s time to resolve or heal. Your psyche is saying hey remember that things that’s been bothering you? It’s time to address it so let’s do it! Remember you’re never given more than you can handle and everything is in line for your growth.
So, this coming full moon is a Super Moon in Gemini. A Super Moon is more intense energy as the Moon is closer to Earth than normal. At the same time Mercury, the planet of communication goes into retrograde until 23rd December. 
In Greek mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the Gods and was the only person allowed to venture into the underworld and come out again. 
Symbolically, suggesting that we have a free pass into the deeper, darker aspects of our psyche. Remember the ego, negative thoughts, patterns and behaviour we accumulate in life can all be changed. This is where our growth is. Otherwise it’s pointless having these emotional highs and lows every month right?

Top 7 things to do to manage the Super Full Moon & Mercury retrograde:
1. Be aware – raise your awareness through mediation or meditative practices like yoga. Ask yourself what’s happening to me emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.
2. Reflect – journal keeping is a must to get out of your head and scribble down all of those negative thoughts that are coming up. Remember your psyche is giving you clues on what to pay attention to.
3. Time out – use this space to take a step back from making big decisions or entering into agreements. Mercury retrograde is about communication so it’s not a good time to enter into new things so use the time to sort and clear space whether it’s physical, me a or emotional. This will allow space for new things post retrograde and the coming new year.
4. Resistance – check in with yourself what am I resisting ? Resistance is a sign of conflict and triggers that need addressing. The Super Full Moon will illuminate these.
5. Ask – if you don’t ask you don’t receive! So ask the Universe to guide you through this time when you are meditating or feeling overwhelmed.
6. Let go – when things are highlighted let them go. Allow healing to enter your life. Remember we all have aspects of ourselves we don’t like. We are only human after all.
7. Restart, transform & grow – remind yourself that this is the purpose of the process. It’s only going to get better and you are creating an upgraded version of you ???.

So is December 3rd significant?

It’s also coming to the end of 2017 and numerologically we are also entering a new vibration. 2017 was a 1 year. 2018 will be a 2 year …. more to come on what that means next week!


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