Happy Birthday to me

Happy birthday to me ?
Happy birthday to me ?

I have a rule for birthdays. Celebrate. I make the whole month of my birthday named ‘my birthday month’ for a reason.
It’s about self love, self care and nurturing the time when I chose to be born and entered the earth plane. Don’t wait for someone else to make it special. make it special yourself. By all means include people in the celebration but what I’m saying is, don’t make it all about how others make you feel.

I was born into my family as a third daughter, culturally a burden and reminded of that my whole life. My birthday wasn’t celebrated with joy, it was a forgotten day of insignificance.
At least that was the story back then. In my present it’s the opposite. Whilst the transition to celebration was a journey in itself, it was also a healing one.

As a big believer of self love and self care I spend my birthday month doing the things I love most during the whole month. That’s not to say I don’t do these things all the time, just not condensed into a single month.

I also spend time preparing for the transition that is taking place in my vibration. My spiritual growth and personal development is a time of shedding and removing an old skin to allow the shifts to materialise.

Numerologically, the vibrational change on our birthday marks the beginning of a new year as we climb up the ladder of our individual 9 year cycle. It’s exciting ! We have a theme for the year and I love welcoming in the new focus for me.
So as I sit in contemplation of the year that’s past, I sit with the anticipation of another adventure ?. Oh and did you know all the Queens were born in May ??????.