Unleash Your Intuition – A Powerful Journey into Discovering your Intuition

Date: Sunday, 21 July 2024| Time: 9.30 AM – 1.30 PM | Location: Vivacious Living Centre, Applecross

How long have you struggled to trust yourself let alone your intuition? And because of that you have always second guessed yourself, struggled with decision making and started to become a shapeshifter in life. You know they type of person, right? You are everything to everyone and think you have a fool proof façade to cover up the fact that you are hiding. And now you believe it so much, that even you can’t shake it off and you feel so deeply disconnected from your real self, your true self you are desperate to get back to that part of you.

I hear you! I was there too and really struggled to tap into my intuition because I just didn’t trust myself. Until the time came when I had no choice but to step into the world of spiritual development and personal growth because it was my Soul calling.

And I have never looked back.

In this workshop I will work with you to help you uncover your BIGGEST block right now that’s getting in the way of you understanding your intuition. You will learn to open up your natural intuitive ability and receive information from your higher self.

Our intuitive ability is one of the MOST underutilised resources we have! Let’s do this.

What to Expect:

  1. Discover and Overcome Blocks: Gain insights into the mental and emotional barriers that prevent you from trusting your intuition.
  2. Explore Your Inner Self: Delve into the aspects of your psyche, understanding both the shadow and light within.
  3. Develop Intuitive Skills: Engage in exercises like auric reading and psychometry, and learn how to attune and ground yourself.
  4. Practical Guidance: Receive tips and strategies to apply in your daily life, along with a personalized ‘WHAT NEXT’ plan for continued growth.
  5. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals: Join a community of learners, ranging from beginners to those further along their spiritual journey.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and understanding of your intuition.
  • Clarity on your life’s path and personal growth journey.
  • Practical tools and insights for developing psychic, intuitive, or healing abilities.
  • A guided environment for personal and spiritual growth.

Materials Needed:

  • Journal and pen
  • Coloured pencils

This workshop is an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow in your understanding of intuition, whether you’re starting fresh or building on existing knowledge. Embrace this chance to feel clearer, more connected, and equipped with answers to life’s pressing questions.

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