Online Psychic & Spiritual Development 5 week course

Dates: Wednesday 10 April 2024  |. Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm. | Location: Online va zoom

How long have you felt frustrated with the world knowing that somewhere in side you have a higher calling to be of service but have no idea what that even means? You know you have a special gift that needs to come out and that you sense more than you show because you’ve just stopped believing in yourself and shut it down. Your gifts are meant to come out and be shown to the world! I know I have been there too. From not fitting in at school or with my family, I decided that spiritual and personal development was the only path to me understanding myself at the Soul level. And here I am!

So, are you ready to explore your intuitive, psychic ability and gifts? From developing your intuition, psychic ability or mediumship with me? This is a great refresher or starter course. Part 1 and Part 2 will give you an awareness of the metaphysical world. Don’t forget, the Super New Moon is perfect timing to work psychically and you will be supercharged and ready to wotk through your stuckness!

It was amazing the insights I gained throughout the course I was able to go deeper each time and the space in between classes I was able to recognise my intuition more easily. The conversations were always open and questions always welcomed which helped open up topics gaining more knowledge. Shae, Western Australia

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