Spiritual & Psychic Development Workshop

Date: TBC 2024      Location: Perth & Canberra


Open yourself up and tap into your intuitive and metaphysical gifts.

For those of you who are interested in exploring the world of intuition, psychic and spiritual development, this will give you an insight into the metaphysical arts.

Traditionally, Psychic and Spiritual development took place in a ‘Circle of development’ as a place where your gifts and abilities would unfold. People would attend regularly, sit in a circle, to ‘open up’ and explore their gifts and abilities under the guidance of a teacher. It was often referred to as an ‘open circle’ was when the space was opened for newcomers. This is the aim of this Open Circle workshop.

You may be:

  • interested in opening your gifts or discover what they are
  • dabbling and wanting to explore your abilities
  • practising readings and want more
  • stuck in knowing where to go next
  • plateaued in your development
  • in need of a pathway

The Workshop will include a combination of Psychic and Spiritual development topics and practical exercises:

  • Intuition, Energy, Healing, Vibration, Psychic and Spiritual development
  • Attunement
  • Sitting to build the Power
  • Working with Spirit
  • Interpreting Signs and Symbols
  • Using a framework to work with others
  • Practical exercises such as auric readings, psychometry, using colour

The workshop is about your Soul Path and your development. Whether you are experiencing challenges or feel stuck and unclear at the moment, you will gain insight and clarity about your Soul path and tap into aspects of yourself that may feel hidden at the moment. Sunita works with everyone individually to help guide you in your journey,

Need to ask questions? Feel free to email me direct: sunita@sunita.com.au

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