About Sunita

Growing up

Sunita comes from a diverse spiritual background. Her curiosity in religion and philosophy began at an early age from exposure to many different religions, cultures and spiritual concepts. These included: Hinduism, Sikhism, different Gurus, Catholicism, Buddhism, Paganism, Christianity and many others.

Being a free spirit from the beginning this is something I always struggled with. However, I love my ‘Indian-ness’ and all the richness that comes with it. She grew up always being hyper sensitive and psychically aware with visions and premonitions being a part of her world as a child and thought it was something everyone could do. When her development and soul journey started, opportunities and doors opened quickly. She met highly respected, world class Teachers and Mediums where she flourished and opened up quickly into the world of metaphysics.

I have been on my healing journey now for many years and have been involved in Sunita’s workshops and coaching sessions. I had many amazing discoveries about myself; including developing my intuition and cleansing my patterns of behaviour, peeling back the layers one at a time.
For the past year, I’ve been feeling physically challenged … and I knew it was time to face something that has been coming up for me on an emotional level time after time.

So finally I showed up for a session with sunita… she has such a unique way of tapping into my whole being in such depth, which cleared so many questions i had never been able to answer. The healing was profound and I have now reached another part of my healing journey that I am ready to face head on.

Sunita works on every aspect of you. Her unique coaching experience and healing abilities combined make you feel nurtured and extremely supported.
I’m very grateful to a friend of mine who asked me to rock up to one of Sunita’s workshops so many years ago, i had no clue where it was going to take me.
All I know is the more I am ready to let go of all of my baggage the more I feel I come home. Thank you for all your support over the last few years Sunita.??

Sharon, Perth

My Soul Journey

My dark night of the soul was a hellish journey to unravel my mental and emotional programming  and dig out patterns and belief systems I had created as a child to cope. Growing up in an environment of fear, abuse and violence, I then attracted it as an an adult. These are the patterns, karma and programming I had to undo to live life safely and with love and compassion. As a child I lived in fear and terror at the hands of my parents. It has taken years to overcome the shame of what I endured.

You know what they say, if you’re meant to be on a path it will unfold and it did very quickly. I am blessed with the many gifts that have developed in my growth including Mediumship (clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience), psychic ability, healing and teaching. I have worked hard to develop a solid foundation in my work as a teacher of spiritual and intuitive arts. Combined with  experience and training in body work, energy, yoga, movement and embodiment allows for a complete approach to your healing. The work includes helping you to understand how your mind operates and affects your spiritual growth and soul journey.

As I continue to grow I have shed layers and layers that allow me to work with Spirit , realms of existence on deeper levels. Reclaiming myself has been a powerful process.

Education & Training


With a strong passion for working with people including mentoring and training, she has spent years educating and training in advanced NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mindset Coaching, Yoga teachings and various intuitive arts such as the Chakra systems, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, Archetypes, the Tarot and Esoteric Numerology. Her work with energy and vibration comes from Pagan and Ayurveda rites and rituals.

She is also an End of Life Doula and has worked with many individuals and families in their transition to the Spirit world. This is deeply humbling and sacred work.

As well as this, valuing a solid academic background her tertiary qualifications are in Business and Management along with a corporate history of working in Risk, Audit, Quality and Training that provided her with a successful career in the private and public sectors including health, disability and education and training. 


My Work

My passion is working with women to help facilitate you to come out of your cocoon and unleash your POWER. I have worked with hundred of people from all over the world and it’s always been around accessing and stepping into your power. Not all of them make it, but you get what you are ready for right?

I have combined traditional coaching methods with metaphysical techniques and developed a unique way of uncovering the source of your challenges whether it’s from: ancestral patterns, DNA programming, soul level or shadow work. These accelerated growth techniques make transformational and lasting changes. However, this work is not a quick fix or easy; it is deep soul work. This path is a solo, lifelong one; personal and sacred for each one of us. 

The ride is rough but worth it.

Let’s talk about the results, they are phenomenal and dependant on what your path is. The results my clients have had include: uncovering soul paths, soul level alignment and then building businesses, finding the perfect relationship, starting a family when you’ve been told you physically can’t conceive, healing wounds of childhood trauma and abuse, healing DNA and genealogical trauma, uncovering healing abilities and so much more.

I am going to be honest, not many get to the level of becoming the alchemist of their life because as humans we become distracted by our physical and emotional desires.  It doesn’t stop there. The ultimate goal I want for you is to manifest and create like I do. 

When you have aligned your spirit and soul, the abundance and magic starts. This is the where the magic happens. This is where you create and attract a life BEYOND your physical needs and desires because you’ve already achieved that. This is for the greater good and for the good of ALL. This is is how we step into our power.

This is where the true magic of abundance starts.

Creating a Tribe & Community

Firstly, I honour the indigenous peoples of this land, the healers and ancestors who come before me and after me. I stand on the shoulders of their greatness, their teachings, rites and rituals. I am grateful and humbled.In this modern western world we have mastered building machines that fly to other countries, space and the moon yet we have not mastered creating or building connection.

We are suffering from loneliness and isolation and no longer reach out for help when we need it. We now live in the age of disconnect and suffering also know as dark times “kalyug”. 

Let us be the ones that do this together. Let us be the ones that lift the world and consciousness. Mother Nature is a great source of comfort and the natural world is a beacon we are drawn to. Let’s get back to basics and honour this land and ancestors.  Remember it takes just a small amount of light to cast away the dark and provide hope.

When you work with me know that we are always connected in a plane of existence. I hear you. I see you. You are not broken you are whole, you simply forgot. Let us come together and be the light.

Philanthropy & Causes

Yes!! I am a cause person and I love to give back. I am inspired to raise awareness, change and protect others. As humans we take all the time, we need to get better at giving back. Gratitude and kindness are FREE and I love encouraging everyone I meet to look at what type of volunteering or cause makes your heart sing. I call this collecting your spiritual credits and being of service unconditionally. Your psyche responds to it. Your heart fills with joy and love. It is truly humbling.

For me it is animals and the vulnerable. When I was that vulnerable child, I needed help and it came in the form of an incredibly amazing big sister who was my mother figure and protector. I got lucky; many aren’t. There are so many ways you can contribute it really isn’t that hard. Charities appreciate everything, even liking a page and donating food or clothes when they put a shout out helps.

I am passionate about raising awareness in other areas such as: domestic violence, human trafficking, LGBTQI issues and gender equality. I love working animals and I spend my spare time volunteering in with animal rescues. I have been a foster carer for over 10 years now. The sense of giving and being of service is incredibly rewarding. The unconditional love I receive from raising orphans, socialising ferals or caring for sick animals is like nothing I have experienced. I also help by raising funds for Villa Kitty Foundation, in Bali for much needed supplies and funds. When I go there, I spend time at the shelter catching up with staff and the animals there. They are overrun and desperate for help.

Follow her blogs on her animal journey here as she shares her experiences with this work.

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