About Sunita

Growing up

Sunita comes from a diverse spiritual background. Her curiosity in religion and philosophy began at an early age from exposure to many different religions, cultures and spiritual concepts. These included: Hinduism, Sikhism, different Gurus, Catholicism, Buddhism, Paganism, Christianity and many others. In her East meets West childhood, her parents battled to retain their Indian culture within the Western society as migrants and desperately wanted their children to retain traditional values and beliefs.

Being a free spirit from the beginning this is something I always struggled with. However, I love my ‘Indian-ness’ and all the richness that comes with it. She grew up always being hyper sensitive and psychically aware with visions and premonitions being a part of her world as a child and thought it was something everyone could do. When her development and soul journey started, opportunities and doors opened quickly. She met highly respected, world class Teachers and Mediums where she flourished and opened up quickly into the world of metaphysics. 

Her Soul Journey

The dark night of the soul is a journey of unravelling our mental and emotional states changing the patterns and belief systems we create to cope. Growing up in an environment of fear, abuse and violence and then attracting it as an an adult; these are the patterns, karma and programming I had to undo to live life safely and with love and compassion. 

You know what they say, if you’re meant to be on a path it will unfold and it did very quickly. I am blessed with the many gifts that have developed in my growth including Mediumship (clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience), psychic ability, healing and teaching. I have worked hard to develop a solid foundation in my work as a teacher of spiritual and intuitive arts. Combined with  experience and training in body work, energy, yoga, movement and embodiment allows for a complete approach to your healing. The work includes helping you to understand how your mind operates and affects your spiritual growth and soul journey.

As I continue to grow I have shed layers and layers that allow me to work with Spirit , realms of existence on deeper levels. Reclaiming yourself is a powerful process.

Education & Training


With a strong passion for working with people including mentoring and training, she has spent years educating and training in NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mindset Coaching, Yoga and various intuitive arts such as the Chakra systems, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, Archetypes, the Tarot and Esoteric Numerology and Yoga many more modalities. 

As well as this, valuing a solid academic background her tertiary qualifications are in Business and Management along with a corporate history of working in Risk, Audit, Quality and Training that provided her with a successful career in the private and public sectors including health, disability and education and training. 


Her Work


Her passion is working with people to help facilitate their growth and connect them to themselves. She has worked with hundreds of people teaching them how to connect to their soul purpose and own intuition, develop their mediumship or healing. She loves working with everyone including: children, seniors, people with disabilities and animals.

She has developed a unique way of working using her intuition, healing ability, knowledge and wisdom of the metaphysical world; and combines them with accelerated growth techniques to help you make transformational and lasting changes .

Her ability to get to the core of the problem is exceptional and helps you to achieve life long results. She works within many realms of the metaphysical to help determine the healing needed and has helped people heal from any levels of wounds and trauma.

The journey and process of growth is a like a spiral, sometimes it goes up and sometimes it bounces back. It is a lonely one and personal for every single one of us. Sharing it with others is sacred and there should be a reverence that comes with it.

Our sense of belonging as a human is one of our core shadow values. It gives our life meaning.

Spiritual growth affects each of us in different ways, ultimately people just want to be connected and feel joy in their life.

People are seeking deeper connection not just to themselves but to a tribe.

Creating a Tribe

In this modern western world we have mastered building machines that fly in the air to other countries, space and the moon but we have become disconnected to ourselves and each other.

We are suffering from loneliness and isolation and no longer reach out for help when we need it. This disconnect can cause to mental health issues and lead to many other serious issues. indigenous people come from tribes that operate within their own value system and hierarchy. 

What’s important to me is that when we work together you know we are all equal in the room.

The sacred space we co-create is there to help nature our needs. No-one is better than anyone. We are all equal and different. I encourage you to show up raw and real always. This is where your truth is.

When you work with me know that we are always connected in a plane of existence. I hear you. I see you. You are not broken you are whole, you simply forgot.

Her passion for Healing

Working as a healer can be about identifying the underlying cause or to compliment conventional treatment. Healing is the field she is passionate about and has worked with people and animals who are physically sick. She also assists people in their healing journey as we can be ‘unwell’ in other areas such as spiritually, mentally or emotionally. She loves bringing you clarity around the cause on every level as it is not just physical.

Working in this field and being of service keeps me grounded and humbled to have been given these gifts. I strive to continue to grow and keep working on myself to build a strong relationship with Spirit guides and healers.

She believes the seeker will always find the right healer and medicine they need.

Philanthropy & Causes

Yes!! I am a cause person and I love to give back. I am inspired to raise awareness, change and protect others.As humans we take take take all the time, we need to get better at giving back. Gratitude and kindness are FREE and I love encouraging everyone I meet to look at what type of volunteering or cause makes your heart sing. I call this collecting your spiritual credits and being of service unconditionally. Your psyche responds to it. Your heart fills with joy and love. It is truly humbling.

For me it is animals and the vulnerable. When I was that vulnerable child, I needed help and it came in the form of an incredibly amazing big sister who was my mother figure and protector. I got lucky; many aren’t. There are so many ways you can contribute it really isn’t that hard. Charities appreciate everything, even liking a page and donating food or clothes when they put a shout out helps.

I am passionate about raising awareness in other areas such as: domestic violence, human trafficking, LGBTQI issues and gender equality. I love working animals and I spend my spare time volunteering in Perth. I have been a foster carer for Cat Haven for 8 years now. The sense of giving and being of service is incredibly rewarding. The unconditional love I receive from raising orphans, socialising ferals or caring for sick animals is like nothing I have experienced. I also help by raising funds for Villa Kitty Foundation, in Bali for much needed supplies and funds. When I go there, I spend time at the shelter catching up with staff and the animals there. They are overrun and desperate for help.

Follow her blogs on her animal journey here as she shares her experiences with this work.