Healing & End of Life 

What is an End of Life Doula?

Many cultures for thousands of years have supported the practice of people staying in their homes to die, looked after by family and community. The changes we have experienced in the modern Western world have resulted in becoming a more disconnected society, not from family members but also not have a sense of community.

This has resulted in the growth of nursing homes and hospitalisation which can often lead to isolation, lack of choice and opportunity for all concerned. Death can then become a lonely, isolating and clinical experience. Many people will say that medical profession no longer ‘nurtures and care’ for the dying as the profession has become about ticking boxes.

An End-of-Life Doula is a non-medical support role that provides assistance with options and education to help the dying and those around them to help the end of life transition be aligned to your final wishes helps bring peace and dignity at this emotional time.

The role is about having someone with you or a loved one at this time to bring comfort, support, compassion, and assist a person and their family in feeling safe and supported during this important transition.

As a Medium, being the communicator for your loved ones from the Spirit World; the messages are  more often than not about ‘I am no longer in pain’ and ‘you don’t need to feel guilty’. The journey of grief and bereavement is a painful and lonely one as it is a unique experience for us all.

As a Medium and Healer, I have supported many people and animals in their final journey and undertaking End of Life Doula training at the Australian Doula College has given an excellent framework for me to deepen this work and offer more services.

Advanced Life Planning Services

Everyone has the right to respect and dignity during their life and during the final stages of their life. The cycle of life is completed when we reach the end of the our journey on this plane.

Whether it is you or a loved one facing this transition, an End of Life Doula can help you in this journey. You don’t have to be in the process of dying to do this and many of us neglect this important task when we are healthy. In the same way we take out car and health insurance, this is also an important task!

What are Advanced Life Planning Services?

  1. Advanced Life Planning is focused on being clear about the care you want to receive at this time. Simply put, this is about you letting those left behind know what your wishes are before and after you die.

This can include anything from assisting you to find suitable options or to help plan:

  • arranging legal services for your Will and Estate matters
  • funeral options and holistic death care options
  • options for pre-death planning
  • options for planning care services

Remember these services can be used at any time not just because you are sick.

For further information contact me to discuss your individual needs.

What are Healing and Vigil Services?

No matter what your beliefs are around spirituality and religion, we all generally believe there is something greater than us.

Many of us are not prepared for death and dying and stuff can get in the way of being able to spend time with your close one.

Vigil services allow someone to be with your close one when you can’t be. It maybe as simple as you have to be at work, look after your own family or just not be able to get there as often as you would like to.

When there is  a lot of running around and arrangements to made, sitting close to and just being in the presence of your close one’s final journey is difficult.

As a Healer, this can assist in the transition and help ease discomfort and often provide peace.

Sacred Farewell Ceremony

The Sacred Farewell Ceremony is centred around our goodbye. In Modern times when we all share different spiritual beliefs, we often don’t know how best to do this because we are all so different. We also knew our close one differently too and so this ceremony allows each person to come together and acknowledge the close one in their own way. This is different to the funeral service and can be a part of that service too.

This Ceremony can be something your close one has planned for already as part of other Doula Services or the close ones may contribute to putting their thoughts together and I organise this for you.

In many traditions, the rituals that take place can last several days, also giving people who are travelling to say their goodbyes time to get there. There are countless options and here are just a few things to think about:

  • preparing the space (whether it is at home or elsewhere)
  • preparing and bathing the body
  • preparing a ritual includes clothing
  • shrouding the body
  • preparing the room with oils and incense
  • saying our goodbye
  • spiritual support
  • saying goodbye

This is about everyone coming together and having a chance to be a part of the final stage.

All you need to do is email me to discuss this further.

Healing & End of Life Doula Services for your Fur Baby

No one can prepare you for losing your fur baby, yet so many of us experience this.

Everyone has a unique bond with their fur baby, whatever yours is, know that it is unique and special. The services offered vary according to each individual and services including:

  • healing for the fur baby and family, which can often help ease pain and discomfort
  • vigil services
  • options for keepsakes and fur-ever memories of your loved furry family
  • planning goodbye ceremonies
  • funeral options

Whatever your needs are, we can work through it together. Book here.

What Sunita’s Coaching Clients Say

“.. This helped me to realise relationship problems and I have so much more to learn and discover! ..”



“.. Sunita works on every aspect of you. Her unique coaching experience and healing abilities combined make you feel nurtured and extremely supported ..”



“.. The healing was profound and I have now reached another part of my healing journey that I am ready to face head on ..”



“.. I started working with Sunita over 4 years ago…I have felt growth in all facets of my life. I have broken through belief systems and healed in such a way that I feel the world has opened up in a way I’d never imagined ..”