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What do you mean she’s not going to make it?

The words screamed and echoed in my head. I saw them coming towards me with a solemn look on their faces. I started walking backwards waving my hands telling them no you’re NOT going to tell me that. The moment was surreal and too much to bear so I ran out of ICU and...

Happy Birthday to me

Happy birthday to me ? Happy birthday to me ? I have a rule for birthdays. Celebrate. I make the whole month of my birthday named ‘my birthday month’ for a reason. It's about self love, self care and nurturing the time when I chose to be born and entered the...

Super Full Moon & Retrograde…!

So what’s actually happening when we have a full moon?  ? We know there is energy from both the Sun and the Moon. At the time of a full Moon their position is completely opposite each other and creates a kind of resistance. A little bit like when you hold two...

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The Art of Attachment – things you don’t want to know.

You often hear that attachment is the root of all our problems. Learning to detach in a healthy way takes practice and is a learnt skill.  Many people do this in an unhealthy way and often mistake disassociating and blocking for detachment. All this creates is a...


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