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Goodbye 2020! Full Moon Circle

It's the last full moon of 2020 and so let's come together with a big send off to 2020, a year that the world will never forget!

This is a Cancer Moon and probably an ideal astrological sign for this final moon of 2020. This is a very feminine moon to finish off the year.  is the watery and emotional sign that brings about a sense of nurturing, gentleness and contemplation. At this time, the cosmos is also almost back to its divine order too. With nearly all planets finally moving forward, Uranus will also end its retrograde on January 14th 2021. The space we will co-create will be of ritual, sacredness and community.

This will be an evening of reflection, celebration and healing that will include any of the following:

  • smudging and cleansing
  • contributing to creating the sacred alter space (so bring something for it and yes you can take it with you at the end)
  • look into yourself for the healing and shedding you require during this night full moon’s are about letting go!
  • working with the spirit world and elemental spirit, Mother Earth and Moon Mother
  • intention setting for 2021
  • using your oracle cards for guidance
  • an attunement and meditation
  • chakra chanting and breathwork
  • shamanic shaking ritual for releasing stagnant energy and creating flow
  • temple magic dancing to release and shake it all out

The ambience is of Temple Magic and pagan goddesses so bring out your High Priestess and Crowns for this evening, we will be working through the energy with some activities to help release including dancing and movement.


    • wear white
    • divine feminine energy
    • water element
    • metal is silver
    • bring your crystals to smudge and cleanse too


  • oracle cards (browse through the website and pick some if you don’t have any)
  • journal and pen
  • a candle, tealight in a candle holder (due to fire restrictions) or a LED candle
  • something for the alter
  • your inner High Priestess (every gender has one!)
  • your water
  • yoga mat, blanket and cushions

Children are welcome!

Follow me on Spotify (Sunita Medicine Woman) and find the Temple Magic & Tribal dance playlists to get into the feel of the music for the evening.

(This is a no alcohol or drugs event)

See you on this magical night 🙂

Time: 4.00pm-8pm

Location: Raw Space, Henley Brook 

Monthly Full Moon Circle 2021

The Moon has been an important part of many spiritual practices for thousands of years by cultures all over the world.

Come and join us in celebrating the energy of our Moon Mother to help us release, let go and empower us with her medicine.

Think temple magic, an alter, dance and celebration to bring it all together.

In this modern world, we have become disconnected from the energy and healing that is available to us just by tapping into the cosmos and elements.

The monthly Full Moon Circle are great healing sessions and are about bringing people together to heal, release, let go and celebrate who we are in our humanness and honouring the energy around us. 

The energy of the feminine and the Moon Mother is where our intuition and oneness resides. Opening ourselves up to this powerful energy is deeply healing.

By coming together in our rawness we are able to be vulnerable and show up as who we are at any given time. This is about honouring yourself and creating a tribe and connection.

We will be using the medicine of any of the following during our sessions:

  • meditation
  • chanting
  • using our voice and sound
  • tapping into the wisdom of our body
  • journaling
  • oracle cards
  • clearing and smudging

All you need to do us show up as you! Bring with you:

  • journal
  • water
  • oracle cards (if you don’t have any I carry  stock so please let me know)

Monthly Healing Circle

Come and join in the monthly Healing Circle and receive healing for yourself and be a part of a community of healers sending out healing to all those in need. This type of Spiritual Healing is related to Mediumship and different to energetic healing. The Healing Circle will sit in a traditional circle and build the power and with Spirit and the healing elements. This Circle is about receiving, allowing and giving.

We are all innate healers and our system has the ability to heal itself, regardless of whether you have the gift of Healing passed down generationally. Being in the presence of this space can often help activate healing in you to wherever it is needed. People often feel calm and peaceful in this space.

For those Healers who want to sit in the power and deepen their Mediumship and Healing ability this is perfect for you.

Healing evenings include any of the following:

  • receiving hands on healing
  • attunement and meditation
  • giving healing to others if necessary (Healers only)
  • understanding Spiritual Healing
  • building and sitting in the power for this type of healing
  • sending absent healing to those in need

Bring with you:

  • your journal and pen


7pm-9pm Wednesday 25th November 2020

7pm-9pm Wednesday 16th December 2020

Location: Vivacious Living Centre, 9a Riseley Square (upstairs), Applecross

Cost per session $47 per person.

See you there 🙂

How to Trust Your Intuition Workshop - Sunday 29 November 2020, Applecross

Are you struggling to trust your intuition?

Our intuitive ability is one of the MOST under utilised resources we have!


Does this sound like you?

  • I can’t tell if it’s my head or my intuition
  • I don’t trust my intuition
  • I’m forever second guessing myself
  • I don’t listen and then I regret it
  • I know I have block and don’t know where to start with addressing them

Start your intuitive journey and join likeminded people in this workshop where you can start to open up your own intuitive ability.

You will gain:

  • an awareness of the blockages you have around trusting your intuition
  • an awareness of the blockages and mindset issues that are holding you back
  • an insight into your psyche: the shadow and light aspects
  • a greater awareness of your intuition and how it works
  • an understanding of your growth, path and journey at a deeper level
  • direction and clarity
  • an awareness of how developing your intuition will help you grow in your life, business and relationships
  • an understanding of tools that may or may not help you further and why
  • insight into further developing your psychic/intuitive ability, mediumship or healing
  • personal and spiritual growth
  • your personal ‘WHAT NEXT’ plan

The workshop will include:

  • participating in intuitive exercises such as an auric reading, psychometry, vibrational exercises
  • take home practical tips and strategies
  • an attunement / guided meditation
  • learning how to attune and ground yourself
  • an understanding of chakra and energy systems
  • working in a practical, guided environment with likeminded people
  • a take home gift

Your FREE GIFT BAG (value $70) includes:

  • pack of Oracle Cards (value $34.95)
  • a crystal picked especially for you (value $6)
  • discounted Weekly Online Psychic Development Classes offer

Location: Vivacious Living Centre (upstairs), 9a Riseley Square, 9 Riseley St, Applecross, WA

Time: 9.30am-2.00pm

Bring with you:

  • journal/pen
  • coloured pencils

This is aimed at any level whether you are a beginner or have already been working on yourself, your intuition or spiritual development. By the end of the morning you will feel clearer, connected and will have uncovered answers on areas in your life you are seeking.


Soul Alignment Retreats - Coming Soon

Uncover your mission and vision for your higher purpose; the one deep inside of you.

There are many like you out there who are aware and trying to stay true to their path but often find life throws challenges that sometimes trigger you.

When your soul is calling the heart to obey;  the battle of mind and belief systems starts. This work is about delving into the shadow.

Exploring and expanding yourself with mindset strategies, intuitive and spiritual practices, uncovering aspects of you and healing with traditional practices and rituals is the most powerful way to honour all parts of you.

This is a 7-night and 7-day immersion retreat and is for those wanting to delve deeper and get results. Check the details below and book your discovery call Sunita to help uncover where you are at and whether you are the right fit for this powerful retreat.

Costs can be for training only or inclusive of accommodation. Each one will be different – you will need to get there. We will help you with that of course.

Dancing Archetypes

Dancing Archetypes comes from a vision I had years ago to bring together the power of working with archetypes, movement and music. With the purpose to tap into parts of our soul and psyche where we have hidden parts of us.

This is equally about healing and releasing; as well as receiving and deepening our intuitive awareness.

Working with archetypes is a powerful tool for opening yourself up to understand deeper aspects or yourself on the mental plane. There are so many archetypes to explore and understand from many cultures, historically and in the modern day including:

  • the divine feminine
  • the divine masculine
  • Gods & Goddesses
  • Mythological
  • Psychological
  • Energetic systems
  • the elements
  • and so many more

The word dance can often put people off as many people feel it’s something they can’t or don’t know how to do. Without going into this as a limiting belief in itself, I am using the word movement because that’s what we will be doing.

To move is to create action and do. Something that many stuck people and procrastinators don’t do much of. There are no boundaries or limitations to how we move our bodies. This is not choreographed or following anything except for how the rhythm and archetype touches and inspires you to move.

This is releasing and liberating and gives a sense of freedom. Something we all seek in our heart. Tapping into our innate sense of freedom to be who we are, say what we want and do what we want is freeing.

Using sound and vibration to tap into and expand our own consciousness and energetic systems gives us a sense of heightened awareness and expandedness. It touches our emotional field and can trigger memories, unresolved issues and blocks.

Using our own voice and sound from the depths of our base is also something many are not connected to. Breath and breathing you may think is a natural act but many of us don’t even breath properly.

Using the breath and to make sound is a release of stagnant air and emotions. You probably already know the power of breathwork.

We have become a society that frowns on making sound. We have been shut down when we make noise even as a child. I’m not talking about about going crazy, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. We all need to use our voice to make sound and release but so many of us have shut it down because we have lost the creative expression in our throat from past programming such as being afraid to speak up or say what I really feel.

End-of-Life Doula

Not everyone lives a long full life and dies in their sleep. Death occurs in many ways from sickness, traumatic to accidents. Anyone at any age can die and each death we experience changes who we are.

No-one talks about death or dying openly anymore let alone planning or preparing for it. It is the one thing guaranteed in life and yet we manage to avoid it as it is seen as a grim topic.

Group Coaching Programs - Online & Face to Face

Coaching for the Modern Day Soul programs are designed for those amazing aware people looking for breakthroughs in areas of their life.

You are probably aware that you have reoccurring patterns or traumas that have become blocks and are holding you back.