Keynote Speaker & MC

Sunita is an excellent speaker and has the capacity to hold her presence on stage as well as working with the audience. Her topics of interest are varied and include: personal and spiritual growth, motivational and inspirational stories and wellness.
Other areas include: Mediumship demonstration, facilitating workshops related to the spiritual and metaphysical arts, mindset coaching or wellness.
Sunita has the ability to manage your audience and work with the energy of the room to create the right environment throughout the event

Her work as an MC includes:

– charity events
– multicultural events
– fundraiser events
– corporate events
– business network events
– dance and music events and many more

Contact Sunita about your event and stage requirements.

People with Disabilities & Special Needs

One of Sunita’s absolute passions is working with people who have different abilities and needs. This includes working with people who have low or high needs in any area whether it’s physical, mental or emotional.

Sunita has experience in facilitating classes and workshops in the following areas:

yoga style classes that are modified to work with the disabilities and special needs
movement classes that are low impact with plenty of stretches and strengthening
holistic body balance that brings a sense of well being mentally, emotionally and spiritually
hands on healing and meditation
healing using colour and mandalas is a creative and intuitive way for people to connect to their emotions and stresses
fun bollywood and bhangra dance classes geared to giving you an upbeat cultural experience

By using unconscious programming techniques, Sunita uses her intuitive and coaching skills to help facilitate your shifts that can help you:

manage your pain
manage your emotions
alleviate stress and anxiety
problem solve
express yourself verbally and non-verbally
improve your physical, mental and emotional well being
A supportive and nurturing environment is created for this work and Sunita can provide a combination of activities that will help clients grow and build resilience, confidence and independent skills.

All classes are designed around the individual disabilities and support workers are encouraged to join in if required. Sunita will provide feedback where relevant too.

Sunita can host ongoing classes or workshops for organisations, families or support workers need something with a more holistic and effective feel. These can be in a group or for individuals.

Contact Sunita to find out how she can work with you or your clients.

Dance Classes and Workshops

Did you know Sunita is a well knowing the multicultural community for her dance work and performances?
Who doesn’t love bollywood bling? With all of its colour and vibrant energy it’s a great way to bring fun into your life.
Sunita runs dance classes and workshops for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

This is a great way to bring fun and joy into your day. They high of bollywood and bhangra is suitable for any age and she has worked with:

children kindy age to teens
people with disabilities

Whether it’s a fun activity at an events here are some of what she has facilitated:

multicultural shows and festivals
teaching from stage
primary and high schools
daycare centres
corporate and community events.

You can book her to run a class at your event or for your group or for more information email her.

Yoga, Healing, Balance and Meditation Classes

Bringing peace and balance takes routine and discipline. Sunita uses her experience and training in many fields to her classes.
These classes are designed with a combination of many techniques to bring you and your group a sense of well-being. They are designed for anyone with any ability or disability as a corporate or community program.

Sunita has worked with many individuals and helped with:

stress and anxiety
techniques for
sickness and physical illnesses
assisting with pain and injuries in the body

Feel free to contact Sunita for guidance regarding the area you are seeking help with.

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