Individual Services

Mediumship & Psychic Reading

Everyone loses someone at some point in their life. Everyone’s grief is different and we can often see the services of a Medium to help with the grief. 

This session is for an evidential mediumship reading including psychic information regarding those that have passed to the Spirit World. We can not guarantee that you will hear from the person you wish to communicate with as Spirit work in their own magical way. 

This reading is usually 45 minutes with the opportunity to discuss any specific ares you are seeking guidance or clarity in.

You will be contacted once the payment has been processed to arrange your appointment. This can be face to face, via phone or zoom.

Esoteric Numerology Reading - Discovering your Soul Blueprint

This is a full Predictive Numerology reading that details your Spiritual Blueprint. Often it confirms what your innermost intuitive thoughts and feelings are about your path, vision and purpose. This reading is on a deeper soul level and provides you with awareness and clarity on situations in your life and potential opportunities for you.

The reading is in depth and covers:

  • your 6 Core numbers
  • your 3 Major Cycles
  • your 4 Pinnacles and Challenges
  • uncovers your karmic debts and karmic lessons if you have any
  • your personal year
  • past life and repeating patterns you carry forward in this life, if relevant
  • psychic clarity and guidance on how to activate and utilise your vibration in areas of potentials

This consultation is approximately 90 minutes and you will have the opportunity to discuss any areas of your life you need clarity in. Feel free to contact us for further information or simply book your reading below.

This can be face to face, via phone or zoom.

Individual Healing Sessions

If you are looking for healing mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually, individual healing sessions are also available. Whilst a single session will assist you, ideally a minimum of 3 sessions will achieve better results.

The healing sessions may consist of a combination  of healing modalities including:

  • hands on healing
  • pranyama
  • body work & movement
  • intuitive guidance
  • coaching 

Before booking this session, please contact Sunita for guidance regarding the area you are seeking healing in to advise accordingly.

I have been on my healing journey now for many years and have been involved in Sunita’s workshops and coaching sessions. I had many amazing discoveries about myself; including developing my intuition and cleansing my patterns of behaviour, peeling back the layers one at a time. For the past year, I’ve been feeling physically challenged ... and I knew it was time to face something that has been coming up for me on an emotional level time after time.

So finally I showed up for a session with sunita... she has such a unique way of tapping into my whole being in such depth, which cleared so many questions i had never been able to answer. The healing was profound and I have now reached another part of my healing journey that I am ready to face head on.

Sunita works on every aspect of you. Her unique coaching experience and healing abilities combined make you feel nurtured and extremely supported. I’m very grateful to a friend of mine who asked me to rock up to one of Sunita’s workshops so many years ago, i had no clue where it was going to take me. All I know is the more I am ready to let go of all of my baggage the more I feel I come home. Thank you for all your support over the last few years Sunita.🙏🏼

Sharon, Perth

1-1 Mindset Coaching Program

The 1-1 Coaching program will help you to achieve results and breakthroughs the most effectively. 

It is best to think of your Coaching Program as having a full-time coach giving you guidance and strategic advice to optimize your life experiences. It is like having a business partner working with you all the way. The only difference is the business is your ‘lifestyle’. 

Each option varies depending on your desired outcome and budget. They all contain a variety of services to best facilitate your personal transformation and the expansion of your results in life.These results are gained over a 12 month period as systemic change takes time and energy for you and your coach.

Please email Sunita to apply and express interest in the program.

Coaching Breakthrough Package

If you are looking to gain a breakthrough in a specific area of your life without committing to the full Coaching program here is another option for you. Please email Sunita direct and book a FREE discovery call to discuss your needs.

Death Dhoula

Working with people and animals on their final journey and transition to the next world is a sacred part of healing work. This is a topic we do not openly talk about especially in the Western culture. Many indigenous tribes and cultures have special rituals and ceremonies for the passing and the funeral. This is usually about the transition into the Spirit world, a safe passage and sometimes even a celebration. This healing work is very different, as this is about working with the person making the transition, often the family and the Spirit world during the transition. As a Medium, the messages that come back from those who have passed are often around reassuring the ones left behind about the death and dying process. If you need guidance and assistance in this area please contact Sunita.