Philanthropy & Causes

Philanthropy & Causes

Yes!! I am a cause person and I love to give back. I am inspired to raise awareness, change and protect others. 

As humans we take take take all the time, we need to get better at giving back. Gratitude and kindness are FREE and I love encouraging everyone I meet to look at what type of volunteering or cause makes your heart sing. I call this collecting your spiritual credits and being of service unconditionally. Your psyche responds to it. Your heart fills with joy and love. It is truly humbling.

For me it is animals and the vulnerable. When I was that vulnerable child, I needed help and it came in the form of an incredibly amazing big sister who was my mother figure and protector. I got lucky; many aren’t. There are so many ways you can contribute it really isn’t that hard. Charities appreciate everything, even liking a page and donating food or clothes when they put a shout out helps.

I am passionate about raising awareness in other areas such as: domestic violence, human trafficking, LGBTQI issues and gender equality. I love working animals and I spend my spare time volunteering in Perth. I have been a foster carer for Cat Haven for 8 years now. The sense of giving and being of service is incredibly rewarding. The unconditional love I receive from raising orphans, socialising ferals or caring for sick animals is like nothing I have experienced. I also help by raising funds for Villa Kitty Foundation, in Bali for much needed supplies and funds. When I go there, I spend time at the shelter catching up with staff and the animals there. They are overrun and desperate for help.

Follow her blogs on her animal journey here as she shares her experiences with this work.

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