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It’s the night of the Blue Moon, it’s Hallows Eve and the Celtic Pagan festival known as Samhain in the northern hemisphere, the end of the harvest period. This night calls for a celebration!

Set in the beautiful Swan Valley to experience the magic of the Earth energy, we will be nested in this beautiful space for a extra special evening.

This is a little bit more than your normal Full Moon Circle with me and includes all of that but just a bit more! This will be on the evening of the second Moon of the month, it is the ONLY Blue Moon in 2020. Traditionally, Hallow’s Eve is the night the veil between our world and Spirit world is thin and the energy is really potent on this night.

This will be an evening of celebration of the two worlds coming together and include and very healing:

  • smudging and clearing
  • contributing to creating the sacred alter space (so bring something for it and yes you can take it with you at the end)
  • look into yourself for the healing and shedding you require during this night full moon’s are about letting go!
  • working with the spirit world and elemental spirit, Mother Earth and Moon Mother
  • using our oracle cards for guidance
  • an attunement and meditation
  • chanting and breathwork
  • shamanic shaking ritual for releasing stagnant energy and creating flow
  • temple magic dancing
  • a light (vegan) supper!

The ambience is of Temple Magic and pagan goddesses so bring out your High Priestess and Crowns for this evening, we will be working through the energy with lots of dancing and movement.



  • oracle cards (browse through the website and pick some if you don’t have any)
  • journal and pen
  • a candle or tealight
  • something for the alter
  • your inner High Priestess (every gender has one!)
  • your water
  • yoga mat, blanket and cushions



The theme is GREEN as it’s a Taurus Moon, the element of  Earth, copper, emerald governed by the planet Venus.  Face paint, flower crown, glitter anything goes ! If you need to check in about what to wear or bring please get in touch 🙂

Follow me on Spotify (Sunita Medicine Woman) and find the Temple Magic & Tribal dance playlists to get into the feel of the music for the evening.

(Strictly NO halloween costumes please. This is a no alcohol or drugs event)

See you on this magical night 🙂

Location: Raw Space, 78 John Street, Henley Brook.


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