Mindset Coaching Breakthrough 90 minute Package

$ 257.00

Mindset Coaching Breakthrough 90 minute Package

In the time of crisis, we can find it hard to navigate through it to the other side and come out unscathed. This session is perfect to help unpack what’s happening and can often lead to more in-depth work.

How am I going to feel afterwards?

  • like you’ve released something
  • lighter
  • clearer
  • a change of perspective
  • deeper understanding of what is happening or what happened
  • your next step and the possibility of leading into a full coaching program

Combining the metaphysical and coaching tools such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Subconscious reprogramming enables Sunita to help you transform the specific area you want to change. This is also ideal for a top up when you have purchased other packages.

This is conducted on zoom and online only. Feel free to book a free 30 minute strategy call to discuss this further.