New Moon Healing Circle (Monthly)

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New Moon Healing Circle (Monthly)

Dates: Thursdays 13 May, 10 June, 8 July, 5 Aug, 9 Sept, 7 Oct, 4 Nov & Friday 4 Dec

Cost: Per session

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Location: Vivacious Living Centre, Applecross

Healing Circle is focused on building the power to sit in the sacred space of Spirit. Allowing your Spirit Guides and ancestors to work with you to help you build a relationship with Spirit. Whether you are a Medium or not you will benefit from this healing. It is aimed at developing your innate ability to HEAL and improve your intuitive knowing, in a calm peaceful space. Absent is also sent to those in need.

Each date is set on the closest New Moon with the intention to use the powerful energy of the Lunar cycle. Attunement to Lunar power and intention setting is also included.

Healing is for anyone:
– interested in energetic and esoteric healing modalities to grow and change
– suffering from illness on any plane of existence
– wanting to explore Spiritual Healing
– wanting to experience a deep state of meditation


New Moon Healing evenings can include any of the following:

  • intention setting
  • New Moon ritual
  • receiving hands on healing
  • attunement and meditation
  • giving healing to others if necessary (Healers only)
  • understanding Spiritual Healing
  • building and sitting in the power for this type of healing
  • sending absent healing to those in need


We are all innate healers and our system has the ability to heal itself, regardless of whether you have the gift of Healing passed down generationally. Being in the presence of this space can often help activate healing in you to wherever it is needed. People often feel calm and peaceful in this space.

Bring with you your journal and pen.

Limited group sizes to ensure individual attention is given. *Payment plans are available – please email me