Monthly Group Coaching Program 2021 – ONLINE ONLY

$ 1,997.00

Monthly Group Coaching Program 2021 – ONLINE ONLY

So, you know you’ve got something to work through and here’s what most of us do:

  • procrastinate (it’s just another form of FEAR)
  • avoid (because it’s too painful to acknowledge it’s a problem)
  • repeating a pattern like attracting the same types of abusive relationships
  • experience powerlessness and have a history of giving your power away

Your symptoms can include:

  • you’ve been suffering from health issues and your mental health is deteriorating
  • you’re suffering from anxiety and depression
  • you have trauma that is deeply imbedded and affected who you are
  • you know you’re functioning at the surface level and know you have more potential
  • you homelife, relationships and work life are suffering
  • you’ve tried many things before
  • you’ve tried counselling and other types of conventional therapies

PLEASE don’t give up!

I have worked with people any range of trauma (it’s all relative by the way and everyone struggles with something:

  • addictions
  • dysfunctional family issues
  • life changing experiences like death, divorce, breakups, grief
  • isolation, loneliness and neglect
  • no sense of belonging
  • mental health issues including anxiety and depression
  • sexual abuse
  • childhood trauma
  • abusive adult relationships
  • domestic violence
  • feeling inadequate and not enough
  • hopelessness

“..Really enjoyed discovering that I am not alone with all of the crap I carry inside & now have tools to look inside myself and change the way I focus on myself ..” Patricia, WA


How am I going to feel afterwards?

  • the opposite of what you started with
  • lighter
  • freer
  • changed mindset and perspective
  • supported
  • connected to yourself
  • gained an understanding of what has been happening to you
  • your next step and the possibility of leading into a full coaching program

“.. Working with Sunita and doing her coaching for the last 2 years has been a godsend. I have been able to look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes. From changing my beliefs to understanding what and why, I have attracted in my life. The beauty of Sunita’s coaching is there is no judgement ..” N. Perth


What is it and what’s covered in the first Stage?

Mindset coaching combined with metaphysical exercises, is one of the most powerful ways to make systemic change in your life. How many times have you started personal growth and felt the changes were going to last forever and BOOM, the old habits and behaviours creep back in?


This coaching program is designed to make deeper level changes to your programming by working on these planes of existence.

  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Sexually
  • Feminine and masculine energy



  • As a requirement of the program, you will be given tasks in between scheduled sessions to complete before the next session.
  • We are all adults! So, I won’t be chasing you.


How frequently do we meet online?

  • Sunday mornings
  • 3 hours zoom online
  • Sessions are recorded so if you miss one you don’t miss out
  • It’s a live session nothing is pre-recorded
  • Private Facebook group for coaching group only to support you and share experiences
  • Tasks and homework are posted in the private group
  • Total coaching hours 20hours (1 BONUS 1-1 hour with Sunita + 1 BONUS FREE group hour + 18 hours in session)


Group size: Limited to 6-8 people only

“..I’ve been doing spiritual coaching 2.5 yrs with Sunita. In this time she has helped me dig through many layers, figuring out what I want for myself, growth, spirituality and what makes me happy rather than relying on outside influences ..” Shae, Perth


Ok how do I start?

You can book a FREE 30minute Strategy call (hyperlink my email) and chat about where you are at and see if this is for you and I am the right person for you. Payment plans are available (*fees applied) you decide the amount, frequency to suit your budget during the program.


OR email me and I will send you start up information which includes your registration form and payment too book you in. Please note the Group starts once minimum group size is achieved and payment will not be processed until then.

Everything you need will be emailed or posted out to you once the Group is ready to start.