Soul Alignment Retreat, Bali

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Go deeper into your mindset and explore your psyche in this 7-night and 7-day retreat. Uncover your mission and vision for your higher purpose; the one deep inside of you. When your soul is calling the heart to obey but the battle of mind and belief systems starts. Check the details below and book your discovery call Sunita to help uncover where you are at and whether you are the right fit for this powerful retreat.

This Retreat is for those wanting to delve deeper and get results. Costs are for training only – you will need to get there and find your own accommodation. We will help you with that of course.

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I see you, you’re someone with a deep sense of purpose in life but aren’t clear what it is. You’re a change maker who knows you’re here for a higher purpose, but you don’t know how to implement it. You’re spiritually aware with a message and you want to leave a legacy for generations to come. 

You could already be in the healing, intuitive, mediumship field and want to uncover these gifts too!

And... you know this is going to be a mission but you’re ready!

Join me to find a deeper spiritual connection, discover your blocks and find true soul alignment.

If only you could tune in to the quiet space within and trust your innate wisdom.

The truth is you don’t have to struggle alone thinking you’re going crazy or nuts while your intuition is on overdrive, you can find a guided space to listen in and find confirmation of your vision. 

Your Soul Alignment Retreat

A space to find the courage to fulfil your soul mission and trust your inner voice. Facilitated by Sunita, experienced medium, healer and mindset coach: the retreat will take you on a transformational healing journey. Imagine spending a time away in Bali where your daily purpose is to discover and explore personal healing, inner clarity and connection to your inner compass.


5th-12th March 2020


Ubud, Bali


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