Numerology Soul Path Blueprint Reading

Sunita uses her Mediumship and Psychic gifts to uncover hidden aspects of your Soul Path to help you gain insight, clarity and confirmation of where you are at, including opportunities for growth.

Who is it for?

Your spiritual and personal growth is the main and purpose of this reading. If you are feeling:

  • Unclear and lack clarity
  • Disconnected from your purpose
  • Lack direction
  • Know something is out there but don’t understand what
  • You just know something is missing and you are trying to connect the dots
  • In need of confirmation of your innermost motivations and potentials

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the science of numbers and how they relate to our life, purpose, and Soul Path as well as our challenges or areas of opportunity for growth.

It was developed centuries ago, and numbers have been mentioned in the texts of religions from Christianity to Islam. The Western Pythagorean system was developed by the Greek mathematician and mystic, Pythagoras, who explored the vibration of numbers and their relationship with the universe.

How Are The Numbers Used?


Each number has a vibration, personality traits and meaning, that is decoded to put together your personal and unique chart. Just because a number shows up for ten different people, doesn’t mean it means the same for everyone. That is the beauty of numerology, we are all unique and have our individual vibration that is related to the vibration of the numbers in your chart.

What Happens in the Reading?


Sunita uses the vibration of each number to psychically pinpoint where you are in relation to the light and shadow aspect of the vibration and what your potentials and opportunities are.

This is an in depth look at your personal numerological chart based on your date of birth and birth name. Your chart is created and mapped out by Sunita to find out the following numbers in your chart:

Your Six Core Numbers

Life Path Number

The skills and attributes you have come into the physical plane

Destiny Number

Your Purpose

Personality Number

How you show up to others, how you are perceived, your outer self

Your Soul Number

The innermost part of you

Maturity Number

Who you grow to become, your inner evolution through your growth

Birth Number

The day you were born

Your Three Major Cycles

These are the main themes in your life. There are 3 of them starting from the day you are born. They are big time periods in your life that each carry a vibration or theme that is supporting you to achieve your Soul Purpose.

Your Four Pinnacle Numbers

Think of these as sub-themes or your Major Cycles. They are smaller in time period except for the fourth one. Again, think of them as a theme within a theme to help guide you towards your Soul Purpose.

Your Four Challenge Numbers

Your Challenge numbers are there in each Pinnacle and are key for your growth. They carry a vibration of an area that you need to grow in and are being challenged to learn from or overcome.

How does Karma influence my chart?

Karma is about being held accountable for our actions, thoughts, and speech. We carry this responsibility across Soul lifetimes and are held accountable for what we have created throughout lifetimes.

Your chart will identify any karmic issues including positive karma, karmic debts and karmic lessons. If they are present in your chart, they will be discussed with you.