A great event for those who are either new to their personal development journey or who feel that they are a little lost and would like to regain their connection to self. Sunita has a ‘no fluff’ approach to her work and although she operates from a place of pure love, she is still prepared to call you out on your BS to help you get out of your own way. She brings joy to her experiences and likes to make light of ‘doing the work’. Sunita caps the number of attendees in each of her workshops to ensure that she gets the chance to work with each person one on one and ensures that each attendee leaves having had an ‘aha’ moment and that everyone shares and commits to implementing something that they have learnt during the three hours spent together

This event is a great opportunity to learn from a truly passionate and experienced leader, who brings joy to her ‘no fluff’ approach. You’ll leave feeling heard, supported and clearer, following the ‘aha’ moments that this experience uncovers.