My grandma had been in long term care for over a year, and was not able to easily communicate for about 10 months before Sunita came to visit her with us. I struggle to find the right words to truly explain what happened and how special our session was with Sunita. She became a vessel for me and my family to be able to communicate to her in both ways, as Sunita was able to let us know what Grandma was trying to communicate. She also gave Grandma the sense of peace she needed to be ready to pass, Sunita gave grandma messages from friends and family who had already passed that were waiting for Grandma.

Tears streamed down Grandmas face, as Sunita continued to relay stories and information to her that Sunita could not have known without channeling the information. I am forever grateful for such an incredible opportunity to say goodbye to my grandma, and to give her the love and support she needed before she passed a couple months later. There is so much fear and sadness around death because it feels so finite, yet Sunita, gave both us and our Grandma the peace in understanding just how connected we all truly are even after death. We can’t recommend Sunita enough to have her sit with any family getting ready to support a loved one transition through the end of life.