Work with Me

Intuitive Work

Work with me for clarity, guidance or Spirit communication. All sessions are via phone or zoom.

Soul Path Numerology Reading

Sunita uses her Mediumship and Psychic gifts to uncover hidden aspects of your Soul Path to help you gain insight, clarity and confirmation of where you are at, including opportunities for growth.

Mindset Coaching

So, you know you’ve got something to work through and here’s what most of us do:

  • procrastinate (it’s just another form of FEAR)
  • avoid (because it’s too painful to acknowledge it’s a problem)
  • repeating a pattern like attracting the same types of abusive relationships
  • powerlessness; giving your power away
  • you’ve been suffering from health issues and your mental health is deteriorating
  • you’re suffering from anxiety and depression
  • you’ve tried many things before
  • you’ve tried counselling and other types of conventional therapies

The power of changing mindset will often shift our identity and perspective however the ongoing strategies and changes is where the real long term changes are. Remember this is ongoing work to really get into the core of issues that can often surface afterward.

This breakthrough coaching day is designed to work through a specific area you want a breakthrough in. The day will include a take home plan of strategies, tasks or exercises depending on what comes up and the follow up email support will assist where additional areas surface.

How am I going to feel afterwards?

  • the opposite of what you started with
  • lighter
  • free
  • changed mindset and perspective
  • supported
  • connected
  • gained an understanding of what has been happening to you
  • your next step and the possibility of leading into a full coaching program

This is not meant to be coaching long term and tackles a specific problem area only.

What’s Included

Combining the metaphysical and coaching tools such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Subconscious reprogramming enables Sunita to help you transform the specific area you want to change.

All sessions are recorded for your reference so that you can be present to the transformation and releases you experience during the time.

Take home plan of strategies, tasks or exercises.

Online and in the comfort of your own space.

4 weeks email support to help integration and follow up


Contact Sunita to facilitate your group, Speak or MC your event.