Yoga and Dance Program ™®

Fun and Learning with Tara: Yoga and Dance for Kids at Your Day Care

Our Tara Yoga and Dance Program for kids has been running for several years in early learning and day care centres. The program has been designed to enrich children’s lives and have a fulfilling experience with our tutors.

How does it work?

We deliver the program at your day care centre weekly. We teach a combination of yoga and bollywood dance to all children in attendance on your designated day and time. This can look like 2 weeks yoga and 2 weeks bollywood fusion dance. Each week we layer in new activities to embed what we are teaching.

Why Yoga and Dance?

Yoga and Bollywood are both from India and both are intrinsically linked. The program aims to provide children with a cultural experience in the form of dance, music, language, mindfulness and movement. There are common aspects within yoga and bollywood.

What is Bollywood Fusion Dance?

Bollywood is a fusion of many styles of dance depending on the theme and genre of the song. Each song is selected for its appropriateness to the age group being taught. The songs are usually taken from a Bollywood movie.

How does this benefit children?

The importance of regular movement and exercise has been proven to benefit everyone many times. In addition, learning mindfulness activities as early as possible in a child’s life can help them in many ways including: regulating emotions, learning new strategies to cope and manage stress, problem solve and navigate through their world.

Can I ask the day care centre my child attends to run this?

Yes! We can send out information to the day care centre, just complete the contact form here. If you are a day care centre please find out how we can help you too