Yoga & Ayurveda

“Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Discovering and witnessing your true self through yoga and its sister science Ayurveda, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

Like many ancient teachings, Yoga and Ayurveda has been commercialised, modernised and watered down. Modern classes have lost the sacredness of the teachings and philosophy.

Let’s work together and bring back the true essence of the teachings as teachers and students together.


What is Yoga?

The term Yoga in Sanskrit means ‘sum of’ or to join. It is the science of bringing together the mind, body and spirit to lead you to enlightenment. Uniting your individual consciousness with the divine consciousness.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali refer to this as the 8 Limbs of Yoga:

  • Yamas (similar to social ethics code)
  • Niyamas (similar to a personal code)
  • Asana (postures)
  • Pranyama (mindful breathing)
  • Prathyahara (withdrawal of senses)
  • Dharana (turning inwards and reflection)
  • Dhyana (concentration)
  • Samadhi (enligtenment or bliss)


And thus create the structure of the teachings.  The practice of these components in various degrees leads you to understanding and deepening our knowledge when we ask ourselves the question “Who am I?”.

Remember this is just an outline of what Yoga is about and the journey into each of the Limbs uncovers aspects of us hidden in the layers of our programming and beliefs.

How I use Yoga & Ayurveda

Apart from being my absolute joy to teach, my Mindset Coaching and Spiritual practices are yoga immersed.

Being Indian, yogic practices and having an ayurvedic diet is second nature to me. There are so many healing benefits for the mind, body and soul.

Studying and teaching has been a way for me to understand we (as in culturally), do some of the things that we do naturally.

My style and lineage are Hatha, focussing on a calming and restorative methods to bring you back to your innate self. My personal practice is working with Tantra and Kundalini which are focussed on the subtle and powerful energy systems.

The impact of these practices on my own growth, my Mediumship and Healing abilities and as a human being have been profound.

It’s all about uncovering the Self right, being the essence of light and imoacting others positively.


1-1 Consultations

1-1 Yoga and Ayurveda constultations are a great way to have a customised plan on where you at to where you want to be.


The consultation will use the 8 Limbs (see above) to assess:

  • where you are now
  • where you want to be
  • your lifestyle
  • your physical health profile
  • your spiritual health profile
  • your mental health profile
  • your emotional health profile
  • your sexual health profile

As part of your healing and growth journey, a plan will be customised for you to start making changes towards your goals.

This is an empowering journey leading you to a path of self discovery.

All sessions are via zoom or phone.

Book Sunita a Teacher or Facilitator

Teaching is an absolute joy for me, as well as faciltating workshops and events.

My experience includes:

  • Yoga for babies to seniors
  • Early learning, People with Disabilties, Aged Care
  • Primary Schools and High Schools
  • Corporate and Private groups
  • Festivals and Events

Please email us to find out how we can work together.

Tara Yoga & Dance

Tara Entertainment is my sister business which includes the Tara Yoga and Dance program and Tara Dance the performing team.

The work is all about using movement to heal and grow. It combines my two great loves from India: bollywood dance and yoga. We dance, teach and inspire babies to seniors to shine.

Check out what we do here

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